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Brennan 07-24-03 04:14 PM

Racing Etiquette
I was in a triathlon once, and during the biking portion witnessed the following incident. We were going uphill and a guy who was going faster wanted to pass a slower rider. The slower rider was far out into the road, so the faster rider had to pass him on the right. They almost collided and then started yelling at each other:

Slow Rider: Pass on the left!!

Fast Rider: Stay to the right!!

I was with the faster rider. So who was in the right? (Or were they both wrong?)

spazegun2213 07-24-03 07:24 PM

I have had to do the same thing while riding on the trial near DC. Most ot the time its kids, but one time it was a cyclist. All i said was "TO YOUR RIGHT!" and as i was passing i said keep right. I mean thats the only thing you can do. It really depends on the circumstances of the situation. I'm gald you both didnt end up meeting on the pavement :)

Rev.Chuck 07-24-03 08:29 PM

Give them a break, they were triatheletes.:D
You are supposed to stay right and pass on the left

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