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darrencope 07-24-03 06:28 PM

Moulden Bicycle Works - what's it worth?
I have an opportunity to purchase a used road bike made by Moulden Bicycle Works (, a small custom co. in Edmonton, Alberta. All of Moulden's bikes are custom made.

I'm guessing that the bike is about 10-15 years old. It's Reynolds 531 steel, with Campy shifters/brakes/crank/cogset, and Suntour Cyclone II derailleurs.

I'm assuming that the derailleurs are good quality (since the rest is campy stuff), but I really know nothing about this type of thing..

Moulden's webpage shows that current frame prices start at $900 Canadian, not including paint, wheels, and components... so I'm guessing that this was not a cheap bike, as it was probably in the $1500-$2000 range when new (Canadian dollars).

I guess my main question is: How much is a bike such as this worth now? Do these sorts of bikes retain their value for quite a while? I think I'm being offered a good deal, but want to hear some opinions before I decide.

It appears to be in excellent condition, and it fits me well. Any comments?

I'll attach some pics...

Thanks in advance for any comments on this!

darrencope 07-24-03 06:30 PM

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The bike...

darrencope 07-24-03 06:31 PM

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darrencope 07-24-03 06:32 PM

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Rear drivetrain..

joeprim 07-24-03 07:20 PM

I don't know qnything about the name, but it looks great to me.

Try it it it fits ...


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