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JPradun 08-09-07 11:07 AM

So I'm hosting a womens cycling team...
My girlfriend and I decided to host a cycling team. It was suppose to be a mens team, but the event organizers changed plans and gave us a small womens team. Half race on Saturday, the other half race on Sunday. They come Friday evening and leave sometime Sunday. Any ideas how to keep them entertained when they aren't at the race?

Should we cook for them? When/what? Any other kinds of activities?

Please, try to be an adult about this. Or at least have some real input...

hotbike 08-09-07 11:30 AM

The traditional meal to feed cyclists the night before the race is pasta.
Spaghetti, Ziti, Lasagna, etc.

You must feed them, you don't want anyone to "bonk" on the first mile of the race. It would be embarassing to the race organizers.

Pasta served on the night before a bicycle race is the traditional "carbo-loading".

Honestly, pasta is served because it costs less than meat. But it staves off hunger and prevents the dreaded "bonk" on race day.

caloso 08-09-07 11:33 AM

They need some fat too, so go with lasagna or have a couple of loaves of nice bread with butter or olive oil. As for entertainment, Pictionary is always fun.

Cromulent 08-09-07 11:44 AM

I don't think you'll see them much. Most likely they'll be out early in the morning to train. And they'll probably come back very, very late. Just in case, though, having a couple of pre-made lasagnas on hand is not a bad idea. Maybe keep your pantry stocked with pasta and rice, the fridge with protein and veggies.

And I've heard that Pictionary is always enjoyable.

oopfoo 08-09-07 12:51 PM

Do I HAVE to be an adult about this?

Sprocket Man 08-09-07 03:05 PM

Another vote for Pictionary.:o

halfspeed 08-09-07 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by oopfoo (Post 5035558)
Do I HAVE to be an adult about this?

Yeah, I agree. This thread is just lying there begging for childish smart***** remarks. It's not right to have to leave it alone.

becnal 08-09-07 11:26 PM

Pictionary is fun, Scrabble is too, but nothing would beat Twister in this situation. ;)

donnamb 08-09-07 11:34 PM


Originally Posted by oopfoo (Post 5035558)
Do I HAVE to be an adult about this?


Bekologist 08-10-07 01:20 AM

lots of towels in the bathroom.

do you have enough comfortable chairs? they will likely want to be lounging when they're not riding.

slynkie 08-10-07 06:52 AM

Perhaps make available an empty surge protector for plugging in phone/ipod chargers.

morea 08-10-07 06:58 AM

Pictionary is fun, as are any similar games - I'm thinking of Scattergories, trivia games, etc. Uno and Scrabble are good too.

I'm a big fan of pasta. Maybe oatmeal in the morning before the race? I'm not a racer myself, so I don't really know what racers eat, but I do enjoy a bowl of oatmeal in the morning before heading out for a long ride.

superdex 08-10-07 08:43 AM

Can you contact the team and verify specific nutritional needs? Instead of pasta the night before, an alternative might be brown rice and salmon with steamed veggies...

leob1 08-10-07 10:16 AM

Maybe call the team and/or organizers and ask what you are expected to do/provide. I would think that this information would be provided to the host before hand, if not when you sign up to be a host.
At the least snacks and soft drinks for the PM, and coffe and juice for the AM.
And Jello(for the Twister game)(sorry couldn't resist).

JPradun 08-10-07 10:52 AM

Thanks for the replies.

They are staying in our guest bedrooms so there's plenty of space. The team manager and the race housing director both told me that all they need is a place to sleep, access to a shower, and some space in the fridge. I asked what sort of foods they enjoy and if I could pick something up for them and they said no.

Lasagna sounds like a good bet and I have oatmeal in the house, as well as plenty of pasta, snacks, and pop. I just feel guilty telling them to make themselves at home and eat anything that is in the house because, well, does anyone really do that when they are offered?

apclassic9 08-10-07 08:41 PM

I do "house mom" duties a few times a year for a variety of MTBers. Have on hand: pasta, sauces, brownies, bread, yogurt & plenty of fruit, a blender, ice cream, trail mix, oatmeal, eggs, waffle mix & maker & maple syrup, a big mixed salad & some dressings, dips & snack crackers/chips, vegies & cheeses.

Lots of towels, counter space so they can mix thier race bottles, an area where they work on/clean thier bikes, paper towels, a washer & dryer & dishwasher. My experience is that cyclists WILL make themselves at home, immediately! Be sure to post any do's & don'ts!!

Good luck!

Cyclaholic 08-10-07 08:44 PM

have a good supply of hypodermic needles on hand

oopfoo 08-10-07 10:02 PM

MAN! If you'd just host a women's TRACK team...

damocles1 08-11-07 05:21 AM


Originally Posted by becnal (Post 5039853)
Pictionary is fun, Scrabble is too, but nothing would beat Twister in this situation. ;)

Jenga for the win...

JPradun 08-11-07 09:12 AM

They're nice and making themselves at home, but not pushing any boundaries. They got in late so they mostly stayed in their room after like 8pm. It was lasagna and chicken ceasar salad last night; pancakes and eggs for breakfast. No idea what to do for dinner though. More pasta? I need more variety...

edp773 08-11-07 10:11 AM

Complex carbs would be your best bet since they are probably past the short term recovery mode by the time they get to your house. I would suggest more pasta with some meat for protein.

It is nice of you to host the team.

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