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neusaab 08-10-07 07:30 AM

Adding a bottle mount to a Klein. Braze-ons?
Searched and found a couple of clamp-on devices to add a second bottle mount to my Quantum Race:

But not sure they would work on my oversized seat tube. Also, not sure I want to clamp something around these beautiful tubes. Has anyone had a set of mounts drilled/brazed on? I would think an aluminum frame builder could manage this but wonder how much is involved. The bike is aluminum, smallish as a 52 cm semi-compact but a second bottle should fit. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

CastIron 08-10-07 02:24 PM

It's not too difficult, indeed some shop mechanics will offer to do it <shudder>, but a framebuilder should be able to do it right for not a lot of cash. In the mean time, look at some of the seat mounted jobs to get you through.

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