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SamHatesCarCltr 08-10-07 07:00 PM

Desperate Bicycles
Anyone else listen to 'em?

neilfein 08-13-07 06:45 AM

Not sure what the OP means.

oneredstar 08-13-07 07:58 AM

From Wikipedia:

The Desperate Bicycles were an English punk group.

The band formed in 1977 as an experiment in the economics of punk's DIY methodology. Dave Papworth (drums), Nicky Stephens (keyboards), Roger Stephens (Bass), and Danny Wigley (vocals) wanted to see how cheaply they could record and release music. The result was the "Smokescreen" 7", released in an edition of 500 on their newly formed Refill label, costing them 153. The single was repressed in an edition of 1000 and sold out in a fortnight. Their second release, "The Medium Was Tedium" 7", was released in an edition of 1000 and sold out in a week.

In 1978 the band released the New Cross New Cross EP, and two 7"s; "Occupied Terrotory" and "Grief Is Very Private".

In 1980, Papworth and Stephens were replaced by Dan Electro (guitar) and Jeff Titley (drums), and the Code Remorse LP was released. The band split up in 1981.

I have not had time to check them out but I will look them up. Any sites that have their music on the web?

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