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im4stx 08-10-07 07:19 PM

aero bars
I recently put aero bars on my racing bike and my first time out on them I wiped out. Although I've been back out on my bike since then, I can't bring myself to use the aero bars again because I think I'll lose control. Any suggestions on how to get back on them? Or has this happened to anyone else?

Halfast 08-11-07 08:10 PM

I just put a pair on to use in my first century and was concerned also. So, I went to a place with no traffic, straight road, and level, to try them out. In my case it was a dam across a lake near me that is closed to traffic and is 1 mile long.

My entering approach that works for me. is one arm at a time. My exit is the same way. It did not take long to gain confidence and I can now even change gears and brake with one arm left in the bars.

Every now and then I forget and do something stupid causing a sudden move. You are essentially driving with your elbows and you really have to pay attention.

If I get around anything, other riders, passing traffic, dogs, or whatever, I get out of them. You cannot change direction or stop very quickly when in them things. ANY danger and get out.

I have not crashed yet!!

Have fun!!!

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