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anubee 08-12-07 04:13 PM

Srarter Bike Recommendations please

I couldnt find a bike reco sub group so I am posting it here.

I want to start riding to work (7 miles with a 20 min train ride) to start with a few times a week. I used to bike a lot 15 years ago (single gear) and want to take it up again. Besides commute to work, I would be using this to bike on the weekends a couple of times a month - that is to say I would be using the bike moderately to start with. However, I would like to grow into a more avid biker in the future. Most of the riding would be on the road but the roads here arent too good, so I want something that can withstand that and not go flat every couple of miles. My budget is half a grand to 600. Ah, and about 5 miles of my to work commute is up a hill. I am 6ft, 180. One thing I have realised as I have been reading this forum for a month now is that I know zilch about bikes/gears/maintenance/etc but at the same time I think I can, and it would be fun to learn.

I am currently eyeing the Jamis coda (maybe sports) as a. its steel, b. it seems like a well built bike and c. it is within (or has defined!) my budget.

I would like to get a feedback as to what others think of this bike.

Also what would people here recommend in my case. I would like to go with a nice bike because I really want to pick this up - and not have it gathering dust a month from now after I have lost interest. Also, I am not into racing/triathlons etc.

Thanks for all your time.

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