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TXCiclista 07-27-03 01:52 AM

Good Bicycling software
Anyone know of a good Training program for cycling (or even just to keep a log of rides, etc). I've found BikePro, but there's no option to exclude all the heart datga, and I'm not to that point yet. I prefer cheap or free, but reasonably priced ($30 or less) is welcome too. Free trials would be nice too...

Carl J. Stoneham

yikes 07-27-03 02:50 AM

I haven't used it, but looks like what you are looking for.
I did a search on and found it.:)

bikerTeen 07-27-03 05:32 AM

You might want to try Bike Log from Siesta Software.Bike Log from Siesta Software.
It's shareware; if you decide to buy it, it's $14.95.

Lots of people on the forums use to keep track of their rides.

joeprim 07-27-03 06:51 AM

If you have Excell you can make your own.


spazegun2213 07-27-03 07:50 AM

do you all want an online bike stats page? It will take me a year Plus, but i could try to make one for you all.


TXCiclista 07-27-03 10:26 AM

I certainly appreciate the offer Spaze, but I'd prefer an offline program so I could use it on my laptop when I don't have a dial-up connection. Nevertheless, your offer was very generous :beer:

joeprim 07-27-03 12:14 PM

But how long would it take to make a spreadsheet or (I've never used a database pgm) Dbase skelliton for one? Not long, except you might tweek it for a long time improving it. I'll bet it would be usuable after 2 hours.


TXCiclista 07-27-03 12:31 PM

True, but I kind of tire of Excel. I like dedicated programs just because all the info is a bit better managed and I suck at Access :P

I found that BikePro 3.0 works for me. Check it out at

TXCiclista 07-27-03 12:31 PM

Ooops. Didn't notice the "Ross". Sorry :o

acurran 07-28-03 03:29 PM

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I actually just started a log in Excel a few days ago. Using Excel is simpler and more flexible than custom software. I have attached mine if you want to use it as a starting point.

spazegun2213 07-28-03 03:49 PM

i can whip up a sql and asp driven one in 4+ weeks. If i work on it ever day after work It *could* be done in 2 weeks. I just got a server with raid so now i can do real developing. If you all want an online tool my offer will stand forever.


aerobat 08-31-03 09:02 AM

I use this program on my PDA, and it now has a windows companion that can be used in conjunction with a PDA, or as a standalone PC program.

For $10.00 ($14.84 Cdn),you can't go wrong!

late 08-31-03 11:03 AM

this may be too Stone Age for you; but I use the Heart rate Monitor Log Book by Edwards and Reed. It is easy to use, and a hard rive crash won't lose last year's training info.

Guest 08-31-03 11:52 AM

Hey Late- I'm old school too. I use the Heart Rate Monitor Log Book and write in my info. I just like that I can drag it around and it weighs nothing, and the more I write the better I feel reading through all my old workouts and seeing how I've progressed.


travis200 08-31-03 03:53 PM

I use an excel spreadsheet someone made and posted it it works fine for me.

Marlin523 08-31-03 06:45 PM

I like web-based ""

robertlees 09-10-03 03:17 AM


I am a software developer. If anyone would like to contribute suggestions for an offline desktop piece of software, I'll write it for you - no charge. Let me know the information you would expect to feed in to the database, and the types of analysis you would want back.

clintthayer 09-10-03 05:32 AM is free to use. Has great reports and quick and easy ways to enter data for cycling, running, and walking.


TXCiclista 09-10-03 06:36 AM

Hey! That's a good website. Wish they had a more comprehensive HR section, but that's easy and straightforward... Hmmmm

clintthayer 09-10-03 06:42 AM

Hey Carl, I created the site... just let me know what you want and I'll build it for you (within reason).


TXCiclista 09-10-03 07:26 AM

Will do! I like it alot! Didn't know it was yours... The more time I spend on the site, the better I like it. I figured out a way to around only having avHR. I just base the difficulty on HR ranges... :)

An option to add ride time (i.e. 8am, 5pm) might be nice for those of us who ride 2-3x a day as well as fields for average speed and cadence (user-calculated).

TXCiclista 09-10-03 07:36 AM

Another thing, a "Home" link would be nice. On some of the pages, I can't get to the main page (for the ranking lists, etc) w/o retyping the domain.

TXCiclista 09-10-03 07:37 AM

I'd just make the banner a map and clicking on the rider or "ActiveBody" takes you back to the main page.

clintthayer 09-10-03 07:40 AM

Hey Carl,

Good idea, but for each person, there are different "main pages"

For runners, you go to a specific running home page, cycling -> cycling home page, and you guessed it... walking -> walking home page...

I've put links at the top to all 3 so just click the activity (your case, cycling) and that should get you back.


TXCiclista 09-10-03 07:44 AM

I know this is a lot of posts, but...
I see the average speed field for all of my rides combined, but this is kind of useless to me for ride comparison. I determine how "well" I did by comparing AvSpeed and Cadence between rides. This way, I can compare a 6mi ride to a 15mi ride. The ability to enter these in separate fields (not the "notes") would be nice. I don't need them to be formula driven since my cyclocomputer already gives me the information. They could just be text fields.

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