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pjrocco 08-13-07 10:56 AM

Trunk mounted bike rack
I'm looking for a good trunk mounted bike rack to go on my 2001 Buick Real GS. I found a couple at Walmart/Target for around $20 - $30, but I'm not sure I trust these. A co-worker recommended I get a SARIS, but for $100+, I'm not sure if they are worth it as well.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for what I'm looking for?

I have a TREK 4500 and 4300... My kids are 5 and 6 so they will be adding their bikes to the rack soon.

Thanks in advance!

atomship47 08-13-07 11:05 AM


Trunk mounted bike rack

"i hope you've got a big trunk.....cause i'm gonna put my bike in it."

but seriously, i've heard and read fewer complaints about saris racks (in general) than any other brand. i've got a saris cycle-on hitch mounted rack. took my bike on a 3k mile problems.

supcom 08-13-07 11:14 AM

i haven't used a wally world bike rack but the Saris Bones three bike rack works well.

Portis 08-13-07 11:18 AM

Saris > any other trunk racks. Hitch rack > trunk racks.

SonataInFSharp 08-13-07 11:34 AM

I vote for the Saris, too. I don't have the Saris Bones, I have the other Saris (Gaurdian, maybe?). It cost just over $100, but it is worth it as it even has the third strap/clip/mount for stability which I believe the Bones doesn't have.

Anyway, I keep mine on my car all summer and I lock it to the loop on my hitch, and it's well worth it.

I can't imagine getting a Wal-Mart or Target trunk rack. My friend has a Target-type rack that he was given and I wouldn't trust ANYTHING on that rack.

Steve Hamlin 08-13-07 04:19 PM

Bought a Schwinn trunk rack at K-mart for about $30. It is just fine for short distances -- hauls two adult hybrid bikes (65-75 lbs worth) or our tandem (without wheels on) to local paths a few miles away. I wouldn't take it for interstate trips, though.

It's all about being diligent in getting the tension on the upper straps. . .lower, too . . . but the upper's are what keep the whole thing working. Sort of like how it's all the spokes except the one at the bottom of the wheel that support your weight.

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