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pjrocco 08-13-07 12:41 PM

What's a good MPH/CAL/MILES/ETC meter
I'm looking for one of those electronic devices that measures your speed, distance, calories burnt and gives you an average of all of those. I see them at sporting good stores ranging from $20 to $100+. What is a good one or brand to get, and are they really that accurate?

Keith99 08-13-07 01:13 PM

For speed and distance they need to be calibrated since it depends on the size of your tires. If you set it accuratly it will be accurate, the divisions are small enough.

For calories they are doubtfull at best. Even if it measures power input to the cranks technique and other factors that it can not measure will make a significant difference.

RussB 08-13-07 03:56 PM

What you need is one that has MPH, Total distance, total time. etc. I like the Cateye brand myself. Try to find one with Cadence. You'll probably want that feature sooner or later.

As for calories, no bike computer will have any accuracy.
Try the program at

It takes a lot into consideration like aero position on bike, ave wind speed that day, type of tires etc. They have a free trial version (limited time) It is not shareware. I've been using it for 3 years. You can use it to track every ride, your weight, bike repairs and more. I found it very useful.

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