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knoxroadie 08-13-07 06:55 PM

First time on bike shoes
I spent some time today to get used to wearing clipless pedals this afternoon. I noticed the obvious improvement in power and consistency in addition to the use of muscles on the back side of my legs. What I did notice though is that it felt like my right leg got a harder workout than my left. My right side is dominant, and my question is this: is that extra workout I felt a bad technique issue or could it be related to not having the cleats properly set?

Thanks in advance,

ttopaz 08-13-07 09:15 PM

Legs are never equal. With clipless pedal limiting the leg movement, the differences between the legs become more obvious. Don't try to position the cleats at same position for both feet. Each foot needs to have cleats adjusted, sometimes moving forward/back or changing the angle individually.

knoxroadie 08-14-07 09:29 AM

I'll have to play around with that. They are pretty much in the same position. I went to the LBS yesterday to get them and all they did was screw the cleat on. I thought that there would be some time on the trainer for individual adjustment, but I guess I'll go the DIY route. Thanks!

DataJunkie 08-14-07 10:43 AM

If you get a fitting then they stick you on a trainer and adjust the cleats... I believe.

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