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stephisper 08-13-07 09:36 PM

Comments on Norco VFR V (V brake)
Please forgive me if this is posted at the wrong place... I'm new to forums... And to cycling... Well haven't been on a bike for a few years. I'm now shopping for a bike in order to get a little more exercise in... My budget is $ 600 cdn (around $ 550 us). I am smitten with the Norco VFR V (V brakes) and was wondering if that would be a good buy?
Thanx for your comments,

chephy 08-13-07 09:59 PM

Norco is a good company. Plus it's Canadian, if that matters to you.

Have you test-ridden the bike already? If you have, and it feels fun and comfortable, then go for it. But if that's the ONLY bike you've ridden, try out other ones as well, for comparison.

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