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Road Trekker 07-27-03 06:50 PM

Which Clipless Pedals?
I am looking for some clipless peadals to replace my cages. I was thinking about the LOOK A3.1's but have heard they squeak alot, is this true? Any suggestions on some good pedals would be appreciated, thanks Chris

TriDevil 07-27-03 07:14 PM

if you want that same wide look platform I highly recommend the ultegra spd sl pedals. They are wonderful and work great. You can pick them up on ebay for <90$. Had mine now for 3 months and they are working flawlessly, even after a crash and skid.

Road Trekker 07-27-03 07:34 PM

yes, i am looking for the wide look platform, are the ultegras float pedals?

Kev 07-27-03 07:37 PM

How about the Look 357 or 396 they are about same cost at nashbar, I dont' have any experience with any of these paticular look pedals so can't answer about the squeak. Any pedal with a larger platform especialy if plastic part you might get a squeak now and then I just put a bit of grease on the pedal and it quiets all up again for another year. Another option for larger platform pedals is the Campy Pedals, similar to the Look design.

spazegun2213 07-28-03 07:18 AM

The best bet is to try them on at your LBS. Thats what i plan on doing as soon as my shoes come in.


TriDevil 07-28-03 07:38 AM

You can get the spd sl cleats as float or fixed. The float I think is 6 degrees, not positive on that but there are float cleats.

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