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saga77039 08-14-07 10:50 AM

swapping out 27" wheels for 700?
im trying to swap out some 27" wheels from my 80' schwinn traveler. will i have any problems fitting them? what about problems with the brakes fitting??


Retro Grouch 08-14-07 02:21 PM

Depends on the bike.

On some bikes you can simply readjust the brake pads downward and you're good-to-go.
Sometimes you need to replace the original calipers with long reach calipers.
Bikes that were originally designed with a lot of tire and fender clearance won't work.

The easiest and most reliable thing is to find someone who has a bike with 700c wheels and trial fit them.

j-lip 08-14-07 09:51 PM

When I switched to 700c, I had the brakes not reaching problem. Bought long reach type, like Retro Grouch mentions, and now I'm good. good luck.

Jerseysbest 08-15-07 07:25 AM

On my 80's Fuji, I didn't have a problem, the existing brakes, to my surprise reach fine.

If they don't fit, you can always get some long reach brakes, I think. Probably find some used ones on Ebay for cheap.

Steve Hamlin 08-16-07 04:26 PM

You might look for drop bolts if your brakes don't allow the pads to adjust lower. . .

Here's "how to install" the nicer machined ones:, but you'll have to hunt for 'em.

There's a page on Sheldon's site on a DIY if looks don't matter:

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