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Fibber 08-14-07 12:33 PM

Will Slime damage a tire gauge?
My wife's new bike (Giant Suede DX-W) came with Slime already added to the tires from the factory as a 'feature'. Says so on the tires, and the caps are green. Imagine my surprise when the green stuff blew out all over the place the first time I went to adjust air pressure!

I use a high quality Accutire electronic gauge. I partially disassembled it to see what happened, and sure enough the inlet tube is now all wet-green, all the way to the pressure transducer. There is no way to break it down further for cleaning. Anyone have experience with this? Does this stuff gum up with time?Is my trusty gauge toast?

Raiyn 08-14-07 12:46 PM

Check pressure with the valve at the top and you'll have less likelihood of a Slime "sneeze". As for the pressure gauge I have no idea what to tell you.

Stacey 08-14-07 01:03 PM

Why do I hate Slime? :D

dynaryder 08-14-07 01:14 PM

I had a Giant with Slime tubes. Got tired of them and swapped them for regular tubes. Rotate the valve to between 11 and 1 o'clock positions,then cover the valve with a rag or paper towel and bleed the valve with a key or screwdriver or such. This will clear the Slime out of the valve.

As for your gauge,have you tried cleaning it out with a pipe cleaner? I'd drop a line to Slime and ask what they recommend. They might be able to tell you what to put on the pipe cleaner to get the gunk out better.

FYI,between the Slime tubes and the fact that just using a gauge bleeds out a couple psi,I've long since given up on using a pressure gauge on any of my tires. My pumps all have built-in gauges,so I just attach the pump and inflate the tire to where I want it. Depending on the tire/tube combo,I've learned how long each bike can go before I need to add air.

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