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padraicx 07-27-03 08:51 PM

converting a ten speed to a track bike.
ok. so i found a fully functional KABUKI SSD ten speed the other day. the tires had dry rot and the pedal crank was a little loose.

padraicx 07-27-03 08:55 PM

whoops, hit TAB SPACE accidentally. ok. so i found the bike and i decided i was gonna convert it to a fixed gear track bike. is there anything i need besides a new crank set and a new back rim? something less obvious? and whats the least expensive way of getting these things?

Kev 07-27-03 09:38 PM

Check out sheldonbrown's web site he has a great article on converting a bike to a fixed.

padraicx 07-27-03 11:13 PM

thanks alot. i cant wait to start taking apart this bike and put some real blood and sweat into it. should be fun.

Makoa 07-28-03 05:27 AM

Also check out the Singlespeed & Fixed Gear Forum. There's lots of good info in there...

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