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mindbogger 07-27-03 09:01 PM

Old Weinmann U brake
I recently cleaned out my garage and found a old weinmann u brake under my work table. I was wondering if anyone knows the year of this model. Its a Weinmann 610 Vainqueur 999. Its actually in pretty good condition:)

John E 07-28-03 04:27 PM

That is technically not a U-brake, but a centerpull caliper. The Swiss Weinmann Vainqueur 999, built in 610 and 750 lengths, was one of the classic centerpull brakes of the late 1950s through the mid 1970s. During the mid-1960s, all Schwinn "10-speeds" from the Continental up through the Paramount used 999s, in contrast to the Varsity/Suburban/Collegiate, with their Weinmann sidepulls. Through the 1960s, the 999 was standard equipment on the Raleigh line, from the Professional and International down through the Super Course. The 999's primary competition came from Mafac and Universal, both of which also made superb centerpull brakes. Starting in the late 1960s, DiaCompe (Japan) meticulously copied the entire Weinmann line.

By the way, I just finished cleaning, recabling, and completely rebuilding the original 999 calipers on my Capo; they still work great, particularly with KoolStop pads. The 999s are very easy to modulate and provide more stopping power than the first-generation Campag. sidepulls (boo, hiss) on my Bianchi. To date your calipers, refer to classicrendezvous' Swiss section.

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