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dogmeat 08-15-07 11:05 AM

Jeans caught in chain / gears
I know when we were kids, everyone used to wear these little metal bands that went around part of our leg to prevent our jeans from getting caught in the bike chain / gears. Of course, that was 25 years ago. Is there anything available now that would work the same way ? I almost ripped my jeans in half riding to the park & ride yesterday.

thanks !


MichaelW 08-15-07 11:08 AM

try these little metal bands. We call them trouser clips.

powerglide 08-15-07 11:14 AM

they sell some velcro straps that do the same thing...

also you can, roll up your jeans on drive side, shove bottom of jeans into socks...rubber bands work too (bigger ones)

DataJunkie 08-15-07 11:16 AM

The velcro straps also tend to have reflective tape on them. Nice when riding at night. I ride in tights when it is cold so no straps for me.

dogmeat 08-15-07 11:30 AM

Perfect ! Thanks all. I tried shoving the bottom of the jeans into the socks on the ride this morning. And while I didnt have another near spill, I had to leave my ego at home. Ill be on the lookout for those velcro straps.

thanks !


caloso 08-15-07 11:30 AM

Another vote for the reflective velcro bands. I wear them when I run at night or early morning too.

Bolo Grubb 08-15-07 11:57 AM

I just roll my pant legs up a few turns, but then my commute is pretty short. Not sure if they would unroll on their own or not.

Steve Hamlin 08-15-07 12:07 PM

I've still got my clip from 25 (+!?!) years ago. . .

The clips are still around. The velcro/reflective ones work and they fold up nicely to fit in a back pocket without leaving the impression that you chew tobacco. . .

I keep one wrapped 'round the mini-pump on my down tube because for some reason nobody can design a pump that won't stay put without some sort of "additional" securing device which is velcro and non-reflective (and of course, the shops sell for about double the amount of a set of two or three of the reflective pants strap velcro things.)

The clips are nice because they're quick and easy to take off and put on.

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