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olps 08-15-07 02:34 PM

front suspension
Well, I have a seemingly simple question: I have a hybrid bike with front suspension, it's a Trek bike with "RST CT-COM I T7 w/preload, 50mm". Now, to tighten up the suspension on the front, would I simply just turn the little knobs/caps at the top of the elastomer suspension forks clockwise? (and to loosen them turn it counter-clockwise?) Thanks!

p.s. should I eventually have to add any more grease/lube to the stanchion (is that it?) and if so what kind should be used?

olps 08-15-07 03:54 PM

Oh thanks. I actually downloaded the RST manual from Trek, but for some strange reason it only had a few of the models (mine in particular).

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