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kevmk81 08-15-07 02:37 PM

bar tape question
Anybody know how to clean white bar tape? I've got some grease on it from my chain coming off, and some black rubbed on it from my gloves. Any suggestions?

DataJunkie 08-15-07 02:44 PM

I have white bar tape on my Tarmac.
I use the powdered oxyclean used to wash clothes (among other things). Take a sponge that is one side with a green scrub pad and a sponge on the other. Wet it and put oxyclean on the green pad. Gently scrub and wipe off with the other side of the sponge. My bar tape comes out perfectly white.

Another option is simply green bike degreaser. I have not tried this one since oxyclean works wonders.

powerglide 08-15-07 03:10 PM

This is well covered here, a quick search on the forum will give you lots of ideas....simple green to toothpaste

mike 08-15-07 06:23 PM

Spray paint.

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