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pat5319 09-11-01 11:42 PM

Sannino and Masi
Does anyone else out there ride a Sannino or a Masi?

Buddy Hayden 09-15-01 03:58 AM

Not me Pat ,but please explain some more ......

pat5319 09-15-01 02:55 PM

Sannino and Masi are two Italian bikes made in the classic style by two of the surviving "old masters". Both ride very comfortably yet sprint and climb etc very, very well. In the 60's into the 80's, Masi was considered to be the benchmark that other bikes were compared to, many of the very best riders rode Masi frames, including Merckx before he had contracts with De Rosa and Colnago. Since Faliero's Masi's death, the Masi name has been sold, Alberto, his son, cannot use his name anymore and now produces his frames under the name "Milano". The story behind this unclear, in 1973 Faliero opened a shop in the US, teaching two Californians his methods, to be closer to his largest market. There have been rumors of some sort of fued between Faliero and Alberto. The two types of Masis canbe distinguished as follows: Faliero and American Masis, the M has sharp corners- M and are signed Faliero Masi on the top tube;
Albeto Masis have a rounded m- m and are signed on the top tube Albeto Masi. Mine is an Alberto.
Im sorry I can't tell you much about Sannino, all of the available Literature is in Italian, and I didn't want to run Up my phone bill
having the distributor tell me about him. All I cared about was having a good bike anyway.
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Walter 09-15-01 07:14 PM

My understanding is that current Masis are not up to past standards. I agree that they were THE benchmark for quite awhile. Sorry I can't give you a riding impression but I haven't had the pleasure.

Some very good American frame builders got their start with California Masis.

John E 09-15-01 08:35 PM

I always revered Masis in the 1970s, and one of my friends used to claim that "God rides a white Masi." Vintage Bicycle Association rides almost always find Jim "" Cunningham on a silver-gray 1976 Masi Gran Criterium he painted when he worked in Mario Confente's factory in Carlsbad CA. The bike looks great and appears to track, ride, and climb superbly. (Since it's 8 cm taller than my size, a test ride is out of the question.)

pat5319 09-16-01 01:04 AM

Alas I have heard the same thing about the current "Masis", apparently corporate America has struck again. Maybe It's time to try Milano frames by Alberto Masi.
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