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Mazaev 08-15-07 11:07 PM

Spring snapping on Crank Bros pedals
I'm getting really sick of these Crank Bros. pedals breaking. This is the 4th one that I'm RMAing since April. Same issue on both the Eggbeaters and the Quattros: spring snapping. They do have great customer service, but they always strain to sound surprised that this happens and it shows.

The only reason I'm sticking with them, aside fom really liking how they clip in/out, is the cleat compatability; using my MTB shoes for the commuter and the roadie with the option of upgrading to road shoes and still having them interchangeble. Are there any other clipless options that provide something like this (other then just using SPD. Hate 'em since trying Crank Bros)? I don't think I wanna go through having another broken pedal 40 miles from home.

DasProfezzional 08-16-07 12:15 AM

The Time ATAC series is nice. I have both the XE and Alium versions, the former of which being the entry level composite one and the latter having an aluminum alloy body. They click in nice, and they don't let go when you smack your foot on a rock like Eggbeaters do. That, and they also don't break.

Eggbeaters are for suckers.

shakeNbake 08-16-07 12:38 AM

Wow, looks like you're really unlucky. You don't hear alot of complaints about the durability of crank bros pedals.

I've used the Candy for a year now on my road bike, I started out at 240 lbs, never had a single problem. A friend of mine have been using eggbeater for 3 years on his MTB and it's still going strong.

DasProfezzional 08-16-07 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by shakeNbake (Post 5079983)
Wow, looks like you're really unlucky. You don't hear alot of complaints about the durability of crank bros pedals.

You kidding? They were the single most returned pedal make at the bike shop I used to work at. Especially on the cheap ones, the tines are prone to breaking, and they have to be rebuilt regularly if you're actually riding them hard. The bearing system isn't worth crap either: I've even seen Quattros (the road ones,) that have had a couple of millimeters of side-to-side play in the spindle after a few months.

It's all the fault of the Eggbeater system. One big spring is more stressed and wears out quicker than four small ones, and durability is sacrificed in the name of easy entry, which really isn't a problem (for most people,) even on one-sided pedals. Time and Shimano make much more reliable pedals.

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