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maryp 08-16-07 02:58 PM

Hitch Rack: Thule T2 or Yakima Hookup?
I have an '07 Honda CRV and am looking for a hitch rack to carry 2 bikes. One of them is a u-frame, which is why I'm interested in these particular racks (since they only attach to the wheels, not the frame, negating the need for an adapter.)

Does anyone have any experience with these two? I'm also considering the Yakima Slickroc & FullSwing, but am open to other suggestions and brands. I'd mainly like whatever rack I get to be easy to use, lockable, and steady. I'm going to have U-Haul install a 2" hitch.

Suggestions and comments would be most welcome!

well biked 08-16-07 03:42 PM

I recently bought a Hollywood brand rack from Nashbar, the Prorider 2 model. It's the only hitch-type rack I could find that uses fork clamps and trays to secure the bikes. With a coupon, I ended up getting it for around $180 plus shipping. I prefer fork mounts, they're the most secure way you can secure your bike on a vehicle. You do have to be willing to remove the front wheel, of course. I also bought a couple of the front wheel holders that attach to the rack to hold the front wheels of the bikes, so you don't have to put the wheels in the vehicle if you don't want to.

I bought the rack because we were going on a fairly long road trip, and I wanted my son and I to have our bikes with us. The trip was around 1500 miles round trip, the rack worked great. We're a family of five, so with luggage and all it was nice to have the wheel holders on the rack, to save room inside the vehicle. For local trips it wouldn't have been an issue. Honestly, I rarely haul a bike anywhere anyway, my rides usually start right out my garage door, but this was an unusual situation. Bottom line, I can highly recommend the Hollywood Prorider 2 rack. The "2" designation in the model name is for the Prorider racks that are to be used with vehicles with a 2" receiver hitch. The Prorider (without the 2) is for 1 1/4" receiver hitches.

Once assembled, the rack attaches easily to the hitch without tools. I gotta say one thing, though: since you say you're getting the hitch from UHaul, make sure it's designed to accomodate bike racks. There's a very recent thread regarding this, it will speak for itself. The Hollywood Prorider racks will hold two bikes, and are very heavy duty, robust racks; good stuff. Again, just make sure your hitch is designed to handle such a thing, regardless of the rack you go with. Our vehicle is a Nissan Pathfinder with a factory installed 2" receiver hitch, designed to pull a fairly heavy trailer. Good luck-

AbsoluteZ3RO 08-20-07 01:26 PM

I recently picked up a yakima Kingpin 4. Two problems:
1. It's not a tight fit between the rack and the car. I have a 2 inch hitch and the rack does not fit in there snug. This means the rack sways back and forth.
2. The pieces holding the bike against the racks bars move. My bike slid down one side of the rack over the bumps and before long my bike wasn't sitting properly on the rack.

I thought I'd take it back and try another type/brand and honestly I would prefer one that held the wheels instead of the top bar, but I was hoping to save a little money.

I'm wondering if it's an issue of you get what you pay for.

martianone 08-20-07 06:42 PM

we have the Sportsworks T*2- it works quite well.
holds a variety of bikes- have mixed mountain, bmx,
cx and a SWB recumbent. clamp the front wheel in and
strap the back one down, easy and quick to put bikes
on and take them off. only downside is that bikes get
quite grimy from road dirt, i think that is a problem
with all hitch racks.

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