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mile5k2 07-28-03 10:09 PM

Astra? road bike...anybody heard of it?
Hi, I'm new to the forums, but i have a question to stump even the most knowledgable rider. I found a road bike recently, at least 20 years old I would say, that somebody had just thrown out. The name on it appears to be Astra, and the sticker on the top tube says Tour de France on it, and all imprinted words are in French. The only other distinguishing mark is an old leather seat with an "M" emblazoned on it, as well as the forks sporting the same logo. I am just looking to get a little history on the brand or if anybody can offer me any assistance in identifying what type of actual bike it is that would be great. Nobody I've talked to has heard of it and the internet has yet to be any help. Thanks to anyone who can offer some info. -Mike

JRA 07-29-03 01:05 AM

I never heard of it. According to Sheldon Brown's French Bicycle page it's a "Beacon Cycle house brand, made by Motobécane".

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