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jbarros 08-17-07 10:39 AM

Brooks, Selle Itallia Island, What other Saddle?
On my ebay-special, I've got a b-17. I like it, but if I'm in the drops it puts a bit of pressure on my perenium.

On my commuter (Jamis Aurora) I've got a Selle San Marco Island, which, while cushy, doesnt feel good even after a few miles, I can feel it rubbing.

Before going straight to a brooks on the Aurora too, I decided I'd try out a few more saddles, as experience seems to be the only way to really know what fits your posterior best.

I'm about 150 lbs, and dont consider myself very aggressive.

My ride is generally just 6 miles each way of commuting, but I'm working up to a century next year, so weekend rides get longer.

Suggestions for a few saddles to try next?

Thanks :)

-- James

stokessd 08-17-07 12:15 PM

I'd stick with the brooks, it's the only thing that works for me. But with the brooks, angle is super critical, or you'll slide forward, or put too much pressure up front.

The single bolt Laprade style seatposts don't microadjust very well and getting just the right angle can be problematic. I find that two bolt seatposts let me dial in the brooks angle for maximum comfort and minimum front end issues. I've been lucky with two of my one bolt seatposts, and totally missed the mark with a third and replaced it with a two bolt for maximum tunability.


apclassic9 08-17-07 04:43 PM


Mr. Beanz 08-17-07 05:14 PM

Selle Italia Island? Selle San Marco Island? I'm confused!:o

jbarros 08-17-07 06:06 PM

er, sorry, my brains already in the weekend.

San Marco.

-- James

boston blackie 08-17-07 08:35 PM

The Brooks killed my perenium too. I had my local cobbler cut a relief hole a la Selle Anatomica - it helped a little but still sucks. I'm having better luck with a Selle Italia SLC. If I were you I would try the Selle Italia SLK, or SLR. The SLC is elegant and weighs very little, but is expensive.

idcruiserman 08-17-07 10:27 PM

I'm happy with my old SDG Bel-Air. I haven't tried the newer version.

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