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zman92atl 07-29-03 08:41 AM

Squirrel Soup???
What is it with me and squirrel's???? I seem to have a habit of running over them constantly. It always seems to be in weird situations. Two months ago I ran one over on the expressway. That was the first time I have ever seen a squirrel run across a 5 lane expressway or hit one at 80mph for that matter. Then yesterday I hit one on my mountain bike on the Silver Comet rail-trail. The section I was at has thick woods on both sides and he came full force out of nowhere right under my tires. After the thump, I turned to look back and he was running back into the woods. How many people here have hit squirrel's on their bikes???? Did you crash???? Luckily I didn't falter but it sure gave me a pucker factor of about 10.:p

djbowen1 07-29-03 08:44 AM

I hit one on the street once, and one was not so lucky under my tire last week. My girlfriend freaked out.

a2psyklnut 07-29-03 08:48 AM

Try Squirrel Smoothy all over yourself.

I was doing a road ride and in a small group ride. I was about 4th back and this panicked squirrel gets hit by the lead guy goes off about 3 feet, does a 180 and runs right into the spokes of the guy directly in front of me. I got splattered with guts and fur. YUCK! The good thing was the guy behind me got his share too. The bad thing was "Killer" blew 4 or 5 spokes in his wheel and couldn't finish the ride.

We had to stop and rinse off with any/all water we had. We also had 4 or 5 cars stop by thinking we were injured! Still laugh about it, and tease "Killer" about it.

Word to the wise: Watch out for suicidal squirrels!

Pat 07-29-03 08:48 AM


Poor squirrels. You see squirrels think that anything coming at them wants to eat them. So the run and then swap ends and run the opposite direction. This manuever works great on dogs. But it is awfully hard for a cyclist to avoid the erratic varmints.

I recall being in a fast paceline a while back. One of the riders evaded a squirrel. Edwina, a strong lady rider, told him to never dodge for squirrels. She was all for running them down. Edwina claimed that hitting a squirrel would not make you crash.

So I was riding on a bike trail with a friend. A squirrel dodged her wheel and ran under mine. It got sucked up into the fork and after a series of thuds was literally sawed in half. I had lil pieces of squirrel all over the bike, my shoes and shins. YUCK!! I managed to squirt most of it off with my water bottle. That is the only squirrel I have ever hit though.

I did once see a rider LOSE a collision with a squirrel. The squirrel dodged and went right into his rear derailler and took it clean off the bike! The squirrel ran away cursing! At least it sounded like cursing but who knows?

captsven 07-29-03 09:13 AM

I hit a squirrel on my road bike. I was by myself and hit it doing about 20 mph. It got stuck between my wheel and fork and the fork buckled at the crown.

I went into the pavement and got knock out for a while. Some farmer woke me up and I ended up going to the hospital e-room via the meatwagon.

I ended up with a fractured scapula and was off the bike for several weeks. Cost me quit a bit of money between the hospital and getting a new fork. I still get nervous when those little bastards jump out on me!!!

Joel G 07-29-03 10:13 AM

I managed to clip one with my front wheel a few weeks back. The darn thing zigged when it should have zagged, and zagged when it should have zigged. I must have just gotten its tail though, because when I looked back it had already run under a parked car, there was no blood, and I was hardly knocked off course. It surprised the heck out of me, but I didn't realize how close to much more serious injury either me or the squirrel was until reading the previous posts!

Big Johnson 07-29-03 10:45 AM

They are usually too fast for me. I keep trying though.

2Boxers 07-29-03 12:43 PM

I hit one while swerving to miss him (darn things are erratic!). The squirrel survived to make it to the other side (I think it was trying to join the chicken on the other side of the road) while I was not so fortunate. I went down with only minor road rash but, I am now more aware of the rats w/furry tails. Next time I will go straight over it.

Red 07-29-03 03:54 PM

I've never hit any animals on my road bike. But on my moutainbike?

I've hit a rabbit. It popped out beside me on the singletrack, ran along side me for a hundred feet or so, then zigged right under my front wheel.

At the time I was going quite fast on a sandy part of the trail so I couldn't hit the brakes hard.

I also ran right over a rattlesnake outside of LA, again on a downhill on the mountainbike. A big fat one. That got my heart rate up because I wasn't sure if it bit me. It didn't.

goose 07-29-03 04:55 PM

Tree rats is good eatin' .

zman92atl 07-30-03 04:30 AM


Originally posted by Big Johnson
They are usually too fast for me. I keep trying though.
:lol: :roflmao:

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