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revox 08-17-07 06:31 PM

Corsario info

I recently bought a bike at a garage sale called a Corsaro. I've never heard of the brand before now, and I'm hoping to find some info here.

Search engines have little or no info available.

The bike is really built well. Very solid and light, and seems to be in great shape (I had to replace tubes/tires). If anybody knows any history, please pass it on to me. thanks very much!


matimeo 08-17-07 07:10 PM

I started a thread recently asking the same question- didn't get any information. You can search the forums for more info (hint, search just the titles of threads), but you won't find much.

East Hill 08-20-07 06:54 AM

Photos? Components? If you provide us this information, the next time someone asks then they can build on what you know...

East Hill

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