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docbrown 08-19-07 07:56 AM

Marin component comparison?
Can anyone help compare these two bikes: 2006 Marin Novato 9 and Muirwoods. I see that the Novato is alum and both are sort of hybrids with 26" inch wheels which is probably what I'm looking for.
The guy at the LBS said the Novato has superior components to the Muirwoods. They are the same price at the shop because the Novato is on clearance but I was just curious as to the difference. Also, there's the Novato 9 and the 2007 Novato - the shop doesn't have the non-9 one it seems but I'm just curious. Looks like outside of the light and the fenders - I see disc brakes and some other differences but I'm not saavy enough to know the difference just yet. Thanks!


cs1 08-20-07 02:49 AM

I've been seeing Marin's around lately. I really am impressed by their overall line. I can't imagine you'll go wrong with either. Good luck


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