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dadogg 08-19-07 03:30 PM

Tips on EMERGENCY flat repair
Scenario. You're on the road and get a flat. Get off the road, turn your bike over, take wheel off, and start repairing flat.

But. Either sidewalk wasn't level, or a sudden gust of wind makes your bike fall over on chain side. You bend a frame hanger. Your day is either runined or you're somewhat lucky and can upshift until dereailer is outside the spokes, and you have 1 gear and sevear chain rub on god knows what.

Give me some practical tips on how to avoid your bike falling over like that.

Woden2003 08-19-07 03:39 PM

Lay it down? Just lay the bike down on the non-drivetrain side, so you don't risk it falling over. I have to do that with my tri-bike, cuz its not stable on the aero bars.

operator 08-19-07 04:11 PM

Next time don't upside down your bike.

Milice 08-19-07 04:24 PM

1 Hold bike by the seat Pedal with one foot and shift bike to large chain rind and small out side cog on youre cassette

2 Open release on youre brake open quick realese on your wheel.

3 Remove wheel.

4 lay bike on the ground on the non drive side.

DieselDan 08-19-07 04:41 PM

I'm not going to say it...

John Wilke 08-21-07 02:46 PM

If that little fall bent the deraileur hanger, then I would imagine you could bend it back. Otherwise, you do what you can to get it home, one gear or not. Last month I rode 7 miles on a flat rear tire in 90 degree heat. Fun? No, but if all else fails, drag 'er home anyway you can. In this case I double flatted and was unable to patch either (would you believe 6 patches on one tube and it STILL leaked?? :cry: ).

bac 08-21-07 02:49 PM

Originally Posted by operator (Post 5102593)
Next time don't upside down your bike.

Yup, learn to pop off your wheels with your bike up. The trick with the rear wheel is to shift your bike to the smallest cog on your cassette, and the biggest chainring.

... Brad

Portis 08-21-07 02:53 PM

What they said. Things laying down can't fall, remember the commercial, she said..."i've fallen and i can't get up." She didn't say, "I'm up and I can't fall down."

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