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dirtbikedude 07-29-03 09:23 PM

TDF & Freeriding meet
Saw this pic on Pinkbike. Since it envolves MTB's and road bikes I thought I would put it here.

The Link TDF Huck

I love both aspects of our sport and this is a great pic.

:beer: :beer:

p.s. Yes it is real. If you look at the spectators you can see some of them looking at the rider above them.

KleinMp99 07-29-03 09:41 PM

Sorry dude its a total fake and bikeforums and tons of other sites have already beat the thing to death. Zooming in the rider is extremely pixelated, and part of the front wheel is missing.

KleinMp99 07-29-03 09:44 PM

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Not only that, but he hit a jump to gap the riders, not hucked a cliff.:D

dirtbikedude 07-29-03 09:45 PM

Hey Klien, did ya read this

Freeride Entertainment celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France with an historic jump.

Freeride Entertainment was recently on location at the Tour de France where Kona Clump rider Dave Watson jumped the tour peleton during the Alp díHuez stage of the tour. The jump took place just before the summit of the col de Galibier. The set-up and preparation had to be done in secret, as the reaction of the fans and organizers was unknown. Showing up several days before hand, Dave with help from some staff at Big Bike, a French based Freeride magazine, built the jump and cleared the landing before many fans showed up.

With three 16mm cameras rolling to catch the action and Scott Markewitz shooting stills tension was high as the helicopters appeared on the horizon marking the arrival of the lead group. The amount of police and the mayhem created by the fans on the take-off and landing meant that jumping the lead group was out of the question. With communication hardly possible due to the noise created by the fans, a group of about twelve riders was sighted in the distance and the jump was on. Frantic preparations were made to clear the landing of spectators and take-off jump.

Dave patiently waited as the riders rounded the corner. Prior to the jump, Dave had no chance to take a practice jump for fear of giving away our intentions. Jump time came and Dave climbed aboard his Stab Primo and punched it toward the lip with no hesitation.

Jumping just over the back of the peleton as to take no chances of injuring riders on an unknown jump, Dave sailed approximately 45 ft before touching down. Due to a last minute brake check to ensure the safety of the riders below, Dave came up slightly short and was bucked by his bike into the rocky tranny. Fans rushed to Dave to see the extent of his injuries. Slightly dazed with paramedics and police surrounding him, the crew was unsure what the outcome would be.

Thankfully the end of this story is a happy one. The paramedics insisted on taking Dave on a two-hour ride out the mountains to the hospital and the police didnít seem to mind since the only person potentially hurt was Dave. Released from the hospital with a partially separated shoulder, sore back, neck, and a severely bruised groin, Dave will recover fully.

Freeride would like to thank all the friends that helped us pull of this ground- breaking jump, including the staff and friends at Big Bike.

Anyone wishing to see images of this jump should contact Scott Markewitz. Images should be available at the beginning of August. Scott can be contacted at [email protected].

KleinMp99 07-29-03 09:48 PM

I'm not saying that it didnt happen........but he hit a jump, not a drop, and you didnt see my zoomed in pic yet I guess lol.

fubar5 07-29-03 09:58 PM


KleinMp99 07-29-03 09:59 PM

Ok any rate this pic was soooo 4 days ago.:D I have read so much and looked at the pic so carefully.....I cant wait to find out the REAL TRUTH OMG.

slcpunk21 07-31-03 11:49 AM


Originally posted by dirtbikedude

and this is a great pic.

OH MY GAWD!!!! Yes cool pic, if it was real(I know he did it, just this pic is a fake it isn't a pic of him actually doing it) I think the guy is a complete idiot! It woulda been sweet had he notified everyone and gotten permission! There are tons of what if's and stuff like that, what if a TDF rider saw him and freaked and cause an accident, what if he messed up even worse and hit some of the riders? Did you hear he came up short? I'm just saying he had no respect for eveyone that somehow got involved in this "jump" of his, so you know there will be no respect given back from that group of people. I mean come on it shows total dis-respect(ok, I can't spell) for all involved.

Flea77 07-31-03 12:39 PM

I agree. Cool if everyone had known and consented. Imagine if something had happened and it ended the life long career of a TDF rider. Is the "cool factor" of jumping the peleton enough to flush someone's life away? NO! And I have heard the whole "he is a professional" and "he was in total control" arguments. A professional wouldnt do that, and if he was in total control why did he crash and have to be taken to the hospital? Should have dropped him off the biggest cliff they had and let him rot.


spexy 07-31-03 01:55 PM

Actually the pic could very well be real.

Pixelation around areas with alot of different shades/information happens when compressing photos for the web.

There is no reason for pixelation to occur in the blue area as all the shades are the same.

dirtbikedude 07-31-03 07:42 PM

From what I have found out, the pic is real but someone Photo Shoped the rider. in the original shoot he did it after the pelaton had passed and was not above any of the riders. I also herd since it was for a 100th aniversery the original had a yellow jersey on with a 100 number attached but that par has not yet been confirmed.

Captain Crunch 07-31-03 07:46 PM

It appears that the picture has now been deleted from the link you gave above.

Anyone know where I can see what you are all talking about?

dirtbikedude 08-01-03 08:54 AM

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Here it is ;

Flea77 08-01-03 09:58 PM

Actually, he jumped it backwards :-)


Flea77 08-01-03 10:02 PM

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Try this again.....

slcpunk21 08-02-03 07:27 AM

Well actuall you both are right, cause supposedly jumped it and pulled a 360 then a backflip and landed an endo and road the landing out on the front wheel while doing a no handed landing...

jeez guys where have you been? You should have known that


BigHit-Maniac 08-02-03 09:38 AM


you guys........ :lol:

Maelstrom 08-02-03 10:22 AM

Doesn't anyone find it ironic that everyone on the left is looking up.

Gojohnnygo. 08-02-03 10:54 AM


Originally posted by Maelstrom
Doesn't anyone find it ironic that everyone on the left is looking up.
:beer: :thumbup:

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