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pointyhead 07-30-03 06:52 PM

Looking For a Team Jersey
I'm in the market for a replica team Jersey from Euskatel Euuskadi. I have been to several internet sites that say they have TDF jerseys. Even, which says they were the official suppliers, but they don't have the EE team's jersey on their website. And I checked with my local LBS and they couldn't tell me anything.

Any ideas?

KleinMp99 07-30-03 07:02 PM

If you cant pronounce it, dont buy it:D

ComPH 07-30-03 07:58 PM

You don't need to be able to pronounce it, you just need money at:

pointyhead 07-31-03 04:05 AM

Thanks, ComPH! Be looking for an orange streak across the highways soon!

bac 07-31-03 05:52 AM

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I really like the E/E colors also. I may have to break the bank and snap up a jersey! :D

lotek 07-31-03 07:52 AM


Bicycle Hub
has Euskatel team gear, and its on sale (I'm pretty sure
of that).
Doug (the proprietor) is easy to deal with. One of the
few places (other than Bulltek) that carries Etxe-Ondo.

Hope this helps.

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