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lotek 08-01-03 11:17 AM

A different view of Cycling
This is an column written by Sally Jenkins
(coauthor its not about the bike) so its a little biased.

The opening two sentences are:

The best team in sports right now isn't necessarily in the NBA or the NFL, it may be the underappreciated and largely unrecognized U.S. Postal Service cycling team, a bunch of guys who continually sacrifice their bodies and egos to escort Lance Armstrong to the finish line in Paris, so he can hoist the Tour de France trophy and be an Inspiration to Us All. They don't get the trophy, or even an ESPY.
and it just gets better from there. Go read it, you will
replace all those brain cells dead from reading anti-cycling
wank*r jock wannabees.

After you finish click on her name on top of the page, it
will bring up a list of columns she wrote. Some great stuff
about Tyler Hamilton, Lance and USPS.

Theres No "I" in Team or USPS


bac 08-01-03 11:24 AM

Cool article. ThanX for posting the link!!! :)

BTW, here's a quote that I like a lot:

There's an old saying that he loves. It was passed on to him from a friend and fellow cancer survivor named Sally Reed, who is a volunteer at his cancer foundation. "My house is burned down," the saying goes, "but I can see the sky." :D

spazegun2213 08-01-03 11:25 AM

powerful article.... I dont think there is that much more to say....

Buzzbomb 08-01-03 11:47 AM

Good read, thanks for the link.

RegularGuy 08-01-03 12:02 PM

Thanks, Marty.

When I first saw the title to this thread, I thought, "Well, poop! Do I really want to read another boneheaded NFL-NBA-baseball-loving all-American sports doofus who knows nothing about the sport I love whining that Lance is no more an athlete than Mr. Ed?"

But I read Sally Jenkins piece. It was well-written, touching, almost sweet. It was not a simple rehash of the cancer-survivor-makes-good, what-makes-Lance-run? stuff that we have seen before. It was not the idiotic rantings of a mouth-breathing know-nothing who thinks that riding a bike is not a sport. It was good.

It was good enough that I clicked on Sally Jenkins' name and read three more of her articles. So, I spent a half hour here in post-Tour revery. I could have been doing other things, but why would I want to?

Thanks, Marty, for pointing that article out.

wabbit 08-01-03 12:24 PM

That column also ran in our paper. There were quite a few articles about the tour this year, unusual in our sports section. Maybe they're waking up to the reality that cycling IS a real sport. It could also be because it was the centenary tour and Lance was going for 5, but still it was a refreshing change. Maybe it means good things for cycling coverage in the future. Finally, someone who knows about cycling!

detrieux 08-02-03 05:33 AM

Great articles. Thanks for the link

RegularGuy 08-02-03 06:46 AM


Originally posted by RegularGuy
Thanks, Marty.

When I first saw the title to this thread, I thought...

Hey! You went and changed the title.

Aggressor 08-02-03 07:33 AM

Nice read :) It brings a little bit of reality back into focus..

wkpat81 08-02-03 02:06 PM

Good read, nice to see articles that are saying something other than cycling isnt a sport. I have read that book that she did with lance and it is a very good book! If you havent read it, it is a must read!!!

Take Care

RonH 08-03-03 07:31 AM

Great article.
Too bad it isn't on the front page of the sports section of every newspaper.

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