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AquariaGuy 08-02-03 11:25 AM

Bad tire gauge?
I just bought a tire gauge, and tried to put up my tire to the recommended psi. It says the max. is 55 psi. But, when i pump up my tire to 25 psi, the thing is SOOOO tight. I'm scared i might pop the tube! I'm not sure how you guys get to the max... is it my tube or something? Even at the high psi, when i sit on it, it bulges a bit (my back tire) but my front tire is still stiff with no bulges. Should i just keep on pumping and pumping till i hit around 50 than stop?

AquariaGuy 08-02-03 06:31 PM

Ah.....i guess everyone can pump their tires to the max. psi without fear?

orguasch 08-02-03 06:53 PM

what is the make of the tire your using, maybe change to Continental, you will be able to pump the required air into it

ngateguy 08-02-03 07:06 PM

I used to think my gauge was wrong it was just my own fear of blowing up the tire dp you know anyone else that may have a tire gauge with that low pressure if a neighbor has one for their car check it out. I will bet the gauge is good

Guest 08-02-03 07:16 PM

I wouldn't keep pumping. Take the bike to your friendly neighborhood LBS and ask them to check the psi. If it comes out higher than 25 psi, then you know the gauge is bad. Then you can take the pump back.

If you don't want the hassle, you can just bring the pump back anyway and exchange it for a new one or a different brand.


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