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jonnyweale 08-03-03 06:26 AM

Shorts (again)
Hey all - hope your w/end rides have been as sunny as mine.

Just a quick question - the leg grippers on my shorts are real tight (I've still got grooves in my legs and I've been home an hour), but the shorts themselves are the right size. Anyone have similar problems? What did you do about it? Are some brands looser than others?



PS in case it's relevant, I'm pretty lean but have quite big legs from training for other sports.

RonH 08-03-03 06:35 AM

I've seem some guys ride with the legs of their shorts rolled up so the gripper is on the outside. Kinda defeats the purpose of the gripper but maybe they too have large legs.

Have you tried different brands? All shorts are not cut or made the same.

shokhead 08-03-03 09:53 AM

Dont think it will hurt anything.

sch 08-03-03 10:39 AM

There is some information that muscles work better under compression. As noted, some are more compressive than others. Perhaps the next larger size? Or ATB shorts for the complete abscence of grip. There is the rare problem of flying insects though. Mine leave a crease and reddened area that slowly resolves over several hours. I like tight shorts and loose jerseys. Steve

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