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lotek 08-04-03 08:33 AM

House subcommittee kills bike path funding
My wife sent me this article, its rather depressing
given the current statistics on Obesity in the U.S. (which
the article mentions).

I know its preaching to the choir here but. . .

Bike Trails' Roadblock


SamDaBikinMan 08-04-03 08:51 AM

We need to realize that we cannot sit and wait for the Government to support our cause. If it is not going to give them significant benefit that will serve to maintain or increase the Governments control or power over us it will get little attention.

We donate to several bike trail groups and I assist in maintaining one of the local trails. We cannot become dependabnts on Government.

lotek 08-04-03 09:02 AM


I agree 100%.
If anyone ever had doubts about joining a bicycling advocacy
group this should be your wake up call.
If anyone is interested (and you all should be) you can
find state advocacy groups (not just US either) at


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