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devinci_freak 08-05-03 04:49 AM

Do you take care of your bike?
Whenever I come back from a ride, I always wash my bikes very carefully, with paintbrush, a mix of water and soap and some cleaner that I use for all the components such as cranks, derailleurs, etc.

I guess I partly do it because all the bikes are in the house (I even have one in my bedroom). It also is some way of thanking the bike for all the great rides and seeing a clean bicycle makes me very proud and it can even avoid having all sorts of noises.

Do you wash your bike several times a week, how do you do it and why?

Aggressor 08-05-03 05:00 AM

Nah, I wash it once a week if its lucky.. :) Warm soapy water, soft cloth, then a wipe over with another dry cloth.

chewa 08-05-03 05:08 AM

In winter more than summer. mine is a tourer, it's supposed to be dirty (but I check the frame and safety items).

My Flying Scot is always clean

dexmax 08-05-03 05:22 AM

if i had gone out in the rain, i clean my bike after the ride..

If its just dust, i just wipe it off with a damp cloth and then wipe it to shine with a dry one...

By the way, I am talking about my roadbike...

mightypudge 08-05-03 05:46 AM

Depending on the conditions, I clean my bikes about once a week. Always after a muddy or rainy ride, though.

DanFromDetroit 08-05-03 05:52 AM

Sounds a little over-the-top to me. It is a machine after all, not a living thing.

I clean it only when necessary. It is usually only necessary if the function of the bicycle is being interfered with. Lube after a rain, salty muck in the drivetrain, sand and dirt interfering with the free movement of parts, etc.


bikerchas55 08-05-03 06:05 AM

You say you clean only when necessary but if you clean often it will never be necessary! And a dirty bike grinds itself into an early grave. A clean bike runs smoother, faster and looks better. A machine benefits more from a cleaning than an animal so I fail to see the significance of your remark.

ZackJones 08-05-03 06:29 AM

The only time my road bikes get washed is when I get caught out in the rain :)
If it gets dirty then I'll wipe it down with a wet towel.


DanFromDetroit 08-05-03 06:39 AM


Originally posted by devinci_freak
Do you wash your bike several times a week, how do you do it and why?
Several times a week ? This seems excessive to me. Don't get me wrong, if you enjoy this activity then it is a good thing. I just can't see myself spending hours polishing and cleaning a bike.

A bike can look dirty and function perfectly. My point is that I don't clean the bike to make it look better. I clean the bike to make it run better. I really could care less how it looks. In fact if it looks a little shabby that's fine with me, It won't catch the eye of a bike thief.

I don't take the bike out to ride once a week on sunny days. I ride it day in , day out, year round, in all weather. After it wears out or I get tired of looking at it, I either give it away, or throw it away and buy another one, then proceed to wear it out. I don't really get attached to them.


djbowen1 08-05-03 06:41 AM

Once every two weeks or so. It's way to much work to do after every ride.

devinci_freak 08-05-03 06:47 AM

Dan, don't you feel proud when your bike is clean? I may am wrong, but I see my bicycle as my companion, and I take care of it as much as I would if it was a horse, except for the food and little extras.

MSD 08-05-03 07:03 AM


I see my bicycle as my companion
You have a wedding date set or did you already tighten the nut, I mean tie the knot? :D

DanFromDetroit 08-05-03 07:13 AM


Originally posted by devinci_freak
Dan, don't you feel proud when your bike is clean? I may am wrong, but I see my bicycle as my companion, and I take care of it as much as I would if it was a horse, except for the food and little extras.
I don't get that attached to them. You wouldn't feel that way about a treadmill, would you ? It is just a machine that I own, that does a job. I enjoy the riding alot, and I like that it keeps me fit.

I should also note that I am probably the least sentimental person you are likely to meet. I don't own much, collect things, keep photographs or gush at old movies. In fact part of the attraction of bicycles is the minimalism it espouses. Human powered locomotion is appealing to me because it is simple.


Random 08-05-03 07:33 AM

Just every couple of weeks or when the chain squeaks too much. Then I degrease and use Bike Lust. Looks like new. Itís just a machine. A machine that you spend hours at a time on. A machine that when you hit the Zen sweet spot, becomes an extension of you.

Guest 08-05-03 07:40 AM


I plan on riding my bike into the ground and celebrating by getting a REAL bike. :D


Aggressor 08-05-03 07:41 AM

When are you getting your Huffy, madam Koffee? :D

Michel Gagnon 08-05-03 08:02 AM

I'm on the side of DanFromDetroit. I may wash the bike a few times per year. I make sure there is no sand on moving parts and the mechanical parts are perfectly lubricated.

In the Fall, I usually apply a thin coat of grease under the bottom bracket, headset and other exposed parts and leave it that way throughout Winter, which means a thorough clean up in the Spring. I also do one or two "mini-clean up" of the more accessible tubings so I can grab the bike without fear of getting dirty.


Richard D 08-05-03 08:11 AM

Generally a chain lube once or twice a fortnight with a quick wipe over of the frame with a wd40 soaked cloth.

caadman 08-05-03 08:12 AM

Or hey Koffee, I know you should buy that cipo muscle suit, and then get a bike that'll match it, then take it out and ride it, then bring it over here, and I'll put on my cipo suit and take my black bike out and we can do a ride in them eh??:D :D :D


Guest 08-05-03 08:18 AM


I think that muscle suit is more suited for men than for women... but if you ever feel like it, you can come on out here and clean my bike. :D

Rich Clark 08-05-03 11:50 AM

I only do a throrough wash when I'm doing overall maintenance on a bike, taking parts off to soak in solvent and regrease, stuff like that. Then I'll wash everything else, too.

Otherwise I just spot-clean.

I only have one bike I ride in the rain, and that one gets wiped down and lubed when I get home.

It's all about functionality, with me.


devinci_freak 08-05-03 11:59 AM

To enjoy cycling as much as possible, I need to be in very good harmony with my bike, and I hate it when it's dirty. I do it for functionality and for the look. To me, a new bike is wonderful, so I try to make it look that way as long as I can. I am not too easy on my bikes, when riding, so a good maintenance is required.

caadman 08-05-03 01:27 PM

Ahh heck Koffee, forget the guy vs girl thing, be different and do it, as nike say's, "just do it":D :D

Then I'll come over and clean your bike for you.:D


devinci_freak 08-05-03 01:57 PM


Originally posted by MSD
You have a wedding date set or did you already tighten the nut, I mean tie the knot? :D
I was looking for a priest who would marry us, but no one accepted :( , so any help would be appreciated! I have more than on bike: do you think I could legally marry all of them? (I would not want them to be jealous, which could affect their performance)

ngateguy 08-05-03 02:11 PM

SO do you guys wash your cars or lube it every time you drive it or after it rains? your lube will last for more than a rain storm I clean the drive train every 100 miles and clean the bike as necessary. If you put some good wax on it you don't have to clean it very often. (my only exception is the MTB I hose it down after off roading if it is covered with dirt )

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