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bikeCOLORADO 08-05-03 02:39 PM

Bike Hauling Trailer Anyone?
Here's the dealio - I've got six in my family and we all ride. We're buying a mini-van and I'm looking for good ways to haul bikes.

Anyone built one or bought one like any of these?

But of course I can't find anything like those here in the good old US of A. So I was looking at buying one of these and creating a way to attach the bikes...and of course build some kind of "stone/bug guard" on the front...

It's $240 SHIPPED. Slap a piece of plywood on it...create a way to safely attach the bikes. It's good for up to 990lbs (that's WAY more than needed for six bikes!). AND it folds up nice and small for convenient storage!

Any other ideas or suggestions out there??

KleinMp99 08-05-03 02:42 PM

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At the last race I went to their lifts werent working, so they towed the bikes up with a trailer like this. Slipped the non drive side crank into the metal and strapped the bikes down. The access road to the top was extremely bumpy and no bikes ever left the trailer.

bikeCOLORADO 08-05-03 03:27 PM

Yep - that's the same kind of bracket that the Coyote Shuttle in Moab uses (except mounted to the roof). That is certainly under consideration - I'm building my notes! Thanks for the pic.

fdaniels 08-05-03 03:53 PM

Try these links

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