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lovemyswift 08-05-03 04:15 PM

Sidi Shoes, Unbelievable Price
I can't believe this deal I got today. A local bike /outdoor shop is going out of business and they were having a liquidation sale so I stopped by to see what they had left.

They had all shoes buy 1 pr. get 1 free. So I looked at all the gym shoes but nothing in my size, then I started looking at the cycling shoes.

I found a pair of Sidi Genius 4's in my size, but nothing else, so I started to leave, but then I went back and looked again. Well, they also had a pair of Dominator 4's in my size. So I got them both for $189.

Then I found out that Sidi never allows these shoes to go on sale!

Lucky me! What a deal!


danr 08-05-03 04:50 PM

Great deal. If it were me, I'd be posting them on eBay the next day.

I once walked into a bike shop that was having a going out of business sale. It was the last day and the owner was trying to sell me everything. He sold me these $30 tires for $1 each. He tried to sell me a headset press for $3 (why I didn't take it, I do not know). I also picked up a brand new wheelset for about $10 (I'd say it was a $100 wheelset, commuter style).

They don't come around often, but when they do, might as well take advantage.

travis200 08-05-03 05:40 PM

That is a screaming deal. Lucky you to be in the right place at the right time!

mindbogger 08-05-03 07:43 PM

how much do sidi shoes usually go for?

i know what you mean. Got my Specialized road shoes for only 7 dollars. Pretty sweet i tell ya

djbowen1 08-05-03 07:45 PM

'03 Genius 4 is $195.00

fubar5 08-05-03 08:40 PM

I need to find a shop going out of business.

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