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chewa 09-17-01 03:15 AM

Pedal for Scotland
Succesfully completed the 50 mile Glasgow to Edinburgh ride this weekend. Great day, blue skies no real wind.

Had forgotten some of the hills, but was feeling very strong. Left Glasgow about 9.50, stopped for some pasta at the organised stop at Linlithgow (near the palace) and then at Cramond for a chocolate bar and some water, got in to Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh at 1.20

With my friend have raised some good money for the charities involved.

Cycled home afterwards too!:D

RainmanP 09-17-01 06:39 AM

Sounds like a great ride and a worthy cause!

LittleBigMan 09-17-01 06:16 PM

Way to go, chewa! :thumbup:

toolfreak 09-18-01 09:32 AM

Scotland, my undiscovered bikeheaven, way to go Chewa :thumbup:

toolfreak 09-18-01 09:54 AM

Sorry Pete, didn`t realize you said it before me, excuze moi

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