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Joe Gardner 09-17-01 11:47 AM

1500 gears...
this bike packs 1500 gears... maybe i should post this in the jokes section? :)

a2psyklnut 09-17-01 11:51 AM

A penny a gear and speeds up to 40 mph. How many brakes does it have? I could think of better things to do with my time (and money). Plus, he probably spends more than $15.00 on chain lube every month.

D*Alex 09-17-01 05:46 PM

.....and the point is ?????????

thbirks 09-17-01 05:55 PM

Oh no, don't let Shimano see this:)

LittleBigMan 09-17-01 06:13 PM

One thousand, five hundred gears...

Seems to me the challenge is not in building such a bike, but in finding a way to use all those gears...

"Hey, look at the bulging muscles in my forearms! Got it from shifting!"

Dirtgrinder 09-17-01 06:16 PM

And it's so stylish too!;)

Allister 09-17-01 08:02 PM


Originally posted by D*Alex
.....and the point is ?????????
I think the point was to take the piss out of the people bragging about how many gears they have on their bikes. You gotta admire a practical joker that commited to the art.

Rich 09-18-01 01:00 AM

Hehe..I have enough trouble with 24!

Great idea though!!!!

Rich :thumbup:

Chris L 09-18-01 01:51 AM

What a joke.

fubar5 09-18-01 05:57 AM

In this months Popular Science mag there is a Fuel Cell powered bike. It can go up to 20 mph without pedal input from the rider. They say the only problem with it is that Hydrogen(what they use for fuel cells) has a bad habit of blowing up. Also, in making an arguement for why you would want it they say," Have you even tried biking up a mountain?". Little do they know, biking UP a mountain is the best part.

ljbike 09-18-01 10:10 AM

Rube Goldberg is alive and well. I thought I was doing pretty good with 63 but this guy has eliminated all bragging rights.
Thanks for the post, Joe.

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