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JosephPaul86 09-16-07 01:16 AM

Bike shorts
So...I am going to finally give bike shorts a try. I commute to college and work, but I don't change clothes so I was wondering which are best: Padded briefs or 8-panel bike shorts?

Either way, I'll be wearing my actual shorts over them. I am a Clyde and have a 38 waist. I'm tired of having to "adjust" myself on a ride and have never worn bike shorts/briefs.

Advice on what websites to order from? And I'm a poor college kid :)

ken cummings 09-16-07 03:07 AM

As long as my "friends" are held securely on my 12 mile to or from commute I even skip the padding. After enough thousands of miles the spandex on most bike shorts gives. My Performance shorts now require a set of briefs under them for support. I biked during college and found loose trousers or shorts with supportive briefs worked best. My Performance rain gear has lasted 20 years.

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