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RainmanP 09-22-01 07:00 AM

For anyone who was wondering, Oscar, I had an email from him. He is doing fine. He has been experiencing difficulty with his internet access so seldom is able to get online. That's why we haven't heard much from him lately.

mike 09-22-01 12:07 PM

Thanks for the update, Rainman. I was wondering what was up with Oscar.

LittleBigMan 09-22-01 05:03 PM

It'll just give him more time on the bike, and being a grandparent!


fubar5 09-22-01 06:14 PM

I hope he gets everything fixed up. It's been kinda lonley here without Racso and JonR.

RonH 09-23-01 06:03 PM

It seems that more than a few of the "old" BF members are laying low for various reasons.

I'm glad Chris is still posting, even though he said he would be busy with his last semester of school.

aerobat 09-23-01 09:12 PM

Thanks, Ray, I was wondering where he was too.

J.R. 09-25-01 05:41 PM

I too, have missed Oscar. He along with the Rainman welcomed me here with open computers and were very hospitable! I have also very much enjoyed JonR's posts and thoughts. What has happened to Jon?

fubar5 09-26-01 08:06 AM

I dunno what I would do if RainmanP, Pete or Mike stopped posting.

mike 09-26-01 11:23 AM


Originally posted by fubar5
I dunno what I would do if RainmanP, Pete or Mike stopped posting.
Ah, there are enough things to worry about in the world these days. Don't worry about us splitting the scene.

fubar5 09-26-01 04:39 PM

Well I haven't seen a post form Pete in at least a day.

LittleBigMan 09-26-01 07:18 PM


Originally posted by fubar5
Well I haven't seen a post form Pete in at least a day.

Your keen wit is still active, Fubar (Bohica). :D

LittleBigMan 09-26-01 07:20 PM

Oscar, come home!!! :cry:

orguasch 09-27-01 03:54 PM

I am still kicking and alive, I am very glad that you guys are also still around, its guys like you that make the world a very nice to place live in, , I am just using the local "Internet cafe" hoping that my computer will be fix in the not so distant future,, and I am still riding my bike vigoruosly, and thanks for the nice word from everybody...:beer: :beer: :dance: :dance:

LittleBigMan 09-27-01 08:15 PM

I knew you were around, Oscar! :D :D :D :thumbup:

fubar5 09-28-01 06:02 AM

Woo hooo Racso!!!!

Rich 09-28-01 07:18 AM

Hehe...good to see you're still kicking geeza!

Rich :thumbup:

orguasch 10-04-01 04:39 PM

you have sure gotten a lot of posting up there, hope I can join you guys in the wonderful world of cycbernautics.,,,,,,,:beer: :beer: :thumbup: and keep up the good work Joe

LittleBigMan 10-04-01 05:38 PM

Hi, Mr. Oscar! :D

You are the cycling machine!!!

orguasch 10-07-01 01:08 PM

Thanx, buddy, I really miss the great website... oscar

LittleBigMan 10-07-01 07:56 PM


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