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guapo337 09-23-01 11:18 AM

hard choice. help
right now, i have a stock trek 6000. it has a jett t2 fork on it, lx rear derailleur, acera front, etc.. it's not bad.. i also have a steel trek road frame.. my "hard choice" is whether i should build up the trek road frame, or upgrade my 6000 with disc brakes, a new front fork, a new front derailleur, etc.. what should i do?

RainmanP 09-24-01 08:47 AM

Here's my 2 cents worth. Since the mtb is working fine as is, I would focus on getting the road bike built up. Then you will have two working bikes. Once you recover from the road bike project, save up your nickels to work on the mtb.

Twice in the last couple of weeks I have gone to air to top off my tires when I was ready to head out to work or on a ride only to discover flats when I really didn't have time to change them. In both cases, I was VERY glad I had a second bike to throw my gear on and head out with minimal lost time.

MichaelW 09-24-01 09:26 AM

I second that. A second bike can be really useful. The fun/$ factor of a new bike is much better value than from upgrading a quite good one.
You may be able to pick up the parts really cheap if you are careful. Someone may have some cast off standard wheels after upgrading to fancy ones. Use downtube shifters and you can get any old transmission up and running.

guapo337 09-24-01 02:55 PM

see, i have a TON of OLD campy racing components, so i may just build that bike back up with the campy racing components. then i'll upgrade the mtb, and i'll be fine.

PapeteeBooh 09-25-01 02:25 PM

I aggree with the importance of two bikes. I rely on bikes to provide me reliable hassle free transportation so I always have a redundant one. Same with computers and women (na, I only wished;) )

It is nice to have a road bike and a mountain bike too they are complementary

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