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mascardr 09-24-01 09:26 AM

GT Aggessor
Can anyone give me some feedback on the GT Aggessor ? I'm a rodie and just love my rode bike , it is my baby. But I live in Colorado where it can get pretty cold and snowy and I would like to try riding this winter and thought I would get me a different bike for snow and cold weather riding. I purchased a GT Aggessor through a Schwinn liquidation sale. I just don't know if it was a good purchase. Any opinions about it ?

redfox 09-26-01 12:01 AM

I have a 2000 model and love it.It could use some upgrades but what bike couldn't.I've been riding it for a year and a half and have had no prob w/ it.

mascardr 09-26-01 09:09 AM

Thanks alot redfox. I hope it works for me. Just waiting for it now.

Campag Fetish Boy 09-28-01 06:45 PM

It depends if its a 2000 or 2001 model. If it's 2000 I agree with Redfox.

However if its a 2001 model then it depends if it's an Aggressor 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. The 3.0 and 2.0 are quite good but with a few minor flaws such as basic V brakes and gears. The 1.0 however is a class bike for the money IMO. If somebody comes into my shop with a budget around the 1.0 price I'll virtually always recommend it over and othe similar priced Hardtail.

Jon T. 09-28-01 09:19 PM

Definitely. I bought a 2001 GT about 5 months or so ago and Im happy with it so far. solid bike.

Only thing I really would change is the weight of the thing. It's abit heavy. About 35lbs. as far as I could tell from weighing myself and then pickin up the bike while on the scale. Prolly had my waterbottles on it still,:p . Also if you're a smaller rider like me (5'7") than your gonna need a smaller frame and with the angled down top tube, making room for 2 bottle cages can be a pain. Shimano Deore derailleur shifts just fine for me as well.

Final grade: B+

If it was lighter , it would get a definite A.

mascardr 10-01-01 08:57 AM

I finally got my GT aggressor 2001. I took it for a spin yesterday and I really do like it. I'm a small rider, 5'2" and I ordered the extra small. Your right about the problem with no room for a water bottle but I got more bike than I expected. It will do just fine for my riding in winter . I have to admit though, it is so much different than my rode bike. Heavier !!! Thanks for all the feedback guys, I do appreciate it.

redfox 10-01-01 11:36 AM

Now go out and hit some trails!!

mascardr 10-01-01 12:33 PM

Hey redfox, can you tell my boss that ???!!!!:)

redfox 10-01-01 04:48 PM

Thats what sick days are for!LOL

mascardr 10-01-01 04:56 PM

The weather, if it was like today,( a Colorado fall day, blue sky, low 80's and leaves just starting to change), could cause me to have a headache tomorrow !!!!! Might not be able to make it into work.

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