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Marcy S 09-24-01 01:16 PM

Happy Birthday Joe Pozer!!!
Joe P (Carlos), not only do I hope you are having a great day, but also that you treat yourself to a brand new shiny Cannondale road bike!!! :) That's not asking too much, is it???
Not that I mind your C-dale mountain bike or anything, but it's time to add to your stable...... :D

Happy Birthday!!! :bday:

fubar5 09-24-01 02:16 PM

P-O-Z-E-R....POZER!!! :bday: have a good one man!

Greg 09-24-01 06:16 PM

JP, hope it's a great one.

LittleBigMan 09-24-01 07:52 PM


(Getting any grey yet? :D I found a big patch on my chin when I grew this beard...yikes! :eek: )

Just joshin'!

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