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Rich 09-26-01 01:36 AM

Happy Birthday mwmw!!!
Happy birthday mate! :bday:


AlphaGeek 09-26-01 07:11 AM

Happy birthday! I enjoy your posts.
Have a tall brewsky and enjoy the day! :beer: :bday:

fubar5 09-26-01 08:04 AM

:bday: This is your Birthday song, it isn't very long :bday:

RonH 09-26-01 08:17 AM


:beer: Just a few more birthdays and you'll catch up with me. :D

Have a great B'day.

LittleBigMan 09-26-01 07:21 PM

You are still the one and only, MWMW!

mwmw 09-26-01 07:40 PM

This is a great group. I look forward to your advice and comments almost as much as my daily rides. Thanks.

Dirtgrinder 09-26-01 07:47 PM

Happy Birthday MWMW. I would have thought you were much younger by your photo! :D Cheers!:beer:

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