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stewartp 09-27-01 08:33 AM

Forum co-ord between continents
I view the forums quite regularly and sometimes a new topic comes up and it will already have 7 or 8 replies.

Do UK and US users hit different sites which replicate?

Or are you guys just real quick on the trigger?


RonH 09-27-01 09:17 AM

I think it's quick on the trigger.

Sometimes I'll be responding to a new post and by the time I finish and hit the "submit reply" button, three others have already responded. :(

PapeteeBooh 09-27-01 11:10 AM

Perhaps you could be paged whenever somebody post a new thread that would give you a better chance to respond first. Or better still, an electric choc to the testicules (I suggested that to the server administrator once but he did not like the idea for some reason).

Greg 09-27-01 01:10 PM

StewartP's privates have been the topic of much conversation today.

stewartp 09-27-01 03:14 PM

and for this reason I will henceforth refer to them as my "publics"


Rich 09-28-01 04:06 AM

Heheh :)

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