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stewartp 09-27-01 03:25 PM

Cycling Books
I've only read 2 books that relate directly to cycling:
Lance Armstrong "Its not about the bike" excellent & inspiring biog. and "French Revolutions" very amusing description of an out of shape newbie cyclist who decides to ride the route of the 2000 Tour de France.

I'm keen to read more, so:
What recommendations to y'all have for cycling books:
bigraphies, novels, training, tours etc


orguasch 09-27-01 03:48 PM

I have read the book , but, I think Lance is very bitter about what happen to his early childhood, Hope I don't start a war here....

MichaelW 09-27-01 04:33 PM

The Third Policeman by Flann OBrian is must for any literate cyclist.

cycletourist 09-27-01 05:52 PM

My two favorites are:

Spokesongs by Willie Weir. This book is a collection of public radio commentaries written by Willie while he was bicycle touring thru India, South Africa, and the Balkans. I almost didn't buy the book because those are 3 places I had absolutely zero interest in - but Willie's writing is truly excellent and this book is GREAT! So good that I have read this book 3 times and loaned it out twice.

My second favorite is Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage. In 1978 Barbara convinced her husband Larry to bicycle around the world with her - the book is Barb's first person account of this journey thru America, Canada, Europe, Morrocco, Egypt, India and Southeast Asia, and New Zealand. I just finished reading this one for the second time so that I could write a book review about it for my new website.


cycletourist 09-27-01 06:03 PM

Michael and Stewart,

thanks for the suggestions. I'm off to Amazon right now to have a look :-)

cycletourist 09-27-01 06:07 PM

I tried a search at Amazon for "French Revolutions" and got a whole lot of crap in return. But no books about cycling.

A F Baker 09-27-01 07:50 PM

The book entitled French Revolutions is available at There are many reviews of the book at this website.

There is no problem if you are an American to purchase from Amazon UK. I've done it many times. You should go to an international monetary exchange rates website and convert 9 pounds 36 (or whatever the price of the book) to the American equivalent. This way you'll know how much money you are spending. Your bank will take care of the rest.

stewartp 09-28-01 12:27 AM

"French Revolutions" was only released in the UK about 2 or 3 months ago, so it probably hasn't official US release yet. But get it from as suggested.

You now how the back covers of books say things like "Not for sale in Canada & Australia" etc? I presume the net has blown that apart


Richard D 09-28-01 02:42 AM

I seem to remember 'The Missing Postman' by Mark Wallington wasn't a bad novel largely set on a bike.

I dimly remember the BBC broadcasting some of Tom Vernon's 'Fatman on a bicycle' series of books and enjoying them on the radio but I haven't read them.


RonH 09-28-01 02:47 PM

There was a book recommendation thread that started a while back. You can see looks of good recommendations there.

Cycling books

A F Baker 09-29-01 07:25 AM

Try this currency calculator when converting international monetary rates:

Richard D 12-17-01 08:27 AM

I found another cycling book on Saturday that I thoroughly enjoyed on Sunday.

'Destination Lapland' by Mark Wallington

The author sets off in the late 1980's from St Albans to cycle to Lapland on a second-hand tourer of dubious mechanical sturdiness. The book recounts his travels, the squashed wildlife, the chain failures etc. as he travels towards Newcastle.

Very silly, very light but well worth a read if you come across it (probably long out of print). I'd read a couple of his other travel books (one walking, one boating) and his novel 'The missing postman'. All worth a read when you want something light but well written.


cyclezealot 12-18-01 06:18 PM

My cycling library has a couple new additions. I mostly buy cycling books about touring destinations. But Lance's book is a must. Another book recently purchased is Bicycling's Magazines "Bicycling Maintenance and Repair." Not that I put it very much to ues yet.
But for new cyclists, asking 'newbie' questions, I recommend Greg LeMonds, "Complete Book of Bicycling." Very thorough for the new cyclists.

chewa 12-19-01 02:17 AM

A Rough Ride , by Paul Kimmage.

Anything by Josie Dew

A F Baker 12-19-01 11:50 AM

I just finished The Immortal Class by Travis Culley. Travis is a bike messenger in Chicago. I really liked the book. Before I read this book I knew very little about bike messengers. I would recommend this book to all cyclist who aren't messengers. Apparently there is some controversy over this book in the Chicago bike messenger community. Travis Culley, however, is somewhat of a hero in the Critical Mass community in Chicago. I've seen his picture on a few CM websites.

French Revolutions was really good.

It's Not About The Bike was really not about the was about Lance.

Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage was really good.

The Third Policeman was the first cycling book that I didn't finish. I really didn't like it. I may try it again someday.

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