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dinzi 11-13-07 12:57 AM

Holidays in Cancun or Playa del Carmen
Hi there,
I work in Mexico, Playa del Carmen and I just bought a road bike at Ebay.
My problem is the shipping. Does anybody know how to ship a bicycle for little money (less than 200 USD) to Mexico???
Or maybe you come yourself to Mexico and would bring my bike for a little reward to me???
Iīm realy happy about any suggestions.

Thanks a lot and many greetings from Mexico

Dinzi from Germany

ragboy 11-13-07 03:30 PM

Two questions: 1) are you a hot-looking female? if not then 2) did you forget the punchline at the end of your post?

oneredstar 11-16-07 06:56 AM

Depending on where it is coming from it should not be more then $200 to ship it. I am going to Mexico in January, but I don't plan on bringing any bikes down. Have you looked into shipping it at all? USPS, UPS, DHL...

dinzi 11-17-07 05:34 AM

Yes, thatīs what I thought and also calculated.
But UPS and DHL are around 350 and USPS donīt send it because itīs too large package. But I canīt make it smaler.

oneredstar 11-17-07 07:23 AM

Where is it coming from?

gnz 11-19-07 05:53 AM

well, probably not of much help but within Mexico the best way to go is via aeromexpress, cheap and reliable although you would have to go to Cancun airport to pick it up. If you can have your bike sent to somewhere near the US-Mex border then crossed and posted that is.

dinzi 11-19-07 07:37 AM

The bicycle would come from New Jersey and should go to Playa del Carmen.
But I could send it inside US to every place where somebody goes to Cancun.

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