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2wheeled 11-13-07 09:21 PM

Herniated/bulging disks
I had an MRI back in '04 which showed 2 mild herniated disks, I believe L4 & L5, the two right above the tail bone. Since then, pain has come and gone and have simply dealt with this with Ibuprofen.

Two weeks ago this problem reared it's ugly head to the point that it was almost to painful to walk. I have not ridden since and will stay off the bike for a while, instead, I've switched to swimming.

I'm wondering now if I will have to give up my low riding position and maybe even get a hybrid to stay more upright.

I'd like to hear from anyone who is currently or has recovered from a disk problems.


SweetLou 11-14-07 05:36 PM

I did the same thing playing rugby. It made me quit playing for a few years. But, I was able to play again. I would recommend doing what your physical therapist says. I didn't. But I restarted my exercises and that allowed me to play again.

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